19 comments on “A Huge Thank You To You All!

  1. It’s good to see you back. If Blogger defines consensual adult spanking as violent, then there’s no hope for the rest of us.

    Off to back up my blog!


  2. Indeed Hermione! The part that is most confusing is that it took Google well over 3 years to make the determination? It’s not that they haven’t disabled the blog before either but this is the first time I have been labeled as “violent”! Thanks for the comment, I can now add your blog to my roll! 🙂


  3. Welcome back! Essentially I agree with Hermoine, how dare they label our little kink as violent! I was wondering what had happened to your fine blog before I found your post on Spanking Female male.

    Best Wishes


  4. Tom-
    Another well spoken post. And you certainly have earned the respect and admiration of the community through your years of hard work.

    And we are honored to find our blog already on your blogroll.
    Ken and Cora

  5. I am soooo glad to see you back! Really upsetting to log onto the old page and see their blue banner of death.
    Anyhoo couldn’t be happier to see you back in action.

  6. I didn’t link to you before, but I do now! I admire you for sticking with it and starting from scratch. I agree with Hermione, it’s time to backup again!

  7. I find this particularly disturbing as our little kink is directed at creating harmony and calm stability in a consensual partnership. Violence is, to me, by definition destructive. Its as if a binary switch is tripped without any sort of consideration of greater issues. Maybe were just deeper, dare I say more intelligent, than the mass of mortal dopes.

    In any event, the heartiest of happy-to-see-you-back-go-get-ems.

  8. Welcome back and welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress! I have added a link on my blog, and feel free to borrow anything from mine for yours. Good luck!

    Rod Cayenne of The Canery, a WordPress blog.

  9. Nice to see you are back and running again. Google is slowly loosing its credibility and the luster it once had. Good luck and I’ve updated my own blog list to include your new location.

  10. thank god I have found you the best fm blog of all .You are in tune with me and I loved the blog and it pics and vids .Please keep up the excellent work .Thank you a billion billion times

  11. Really pleased to know that you are still here, yours is one of the best, truly f/m spanking blogs around. Got to ask – when are you going to start posting again? Best wishes

  12. So nice to see you back and you are so right on with your post. Until I found your blog and a few of the other quality and informitive blogs out there, I too had gone through most of my life feeling strange and different and was embarrassed about my feelings. Worse wife absolutely wanted no part of participating at any leve and l had no where to turn to try to explain my desirs or educate he about this wonderful way of life. I was frustrated confused and angry. Our marriage was suffering as a result of our non communiction on the subject….well you know the whole story.

    You have educated us both I feel better about my desire for this, I have more self esteem knowing I am not alone, my wife is making great strides in learning about the subject as a whole and while the frequency is not where I would want it optimally, it is better than ever and the honesty and openess of the dialouge is wonderful

    Thank you for your blog and it’s contributions, thank you for your dedication to the topic, Thank you for all you have done for us

  13. Nice to see you’ve found a new home. However, there haven’t been any new postings in two months. Is the blog officially retired?

  14. I have just come across your new blog having missed your old site greatly. It cannot have been easy to have had that experience, but i wish you all the best here.

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